A Time for Plans to Bloom | Just.Be.Enough.

Even a mild Michigan weather fades the vibrant fall colors into monochromatic grays and browns. Winter sunlight streams bright and cold and emphasizes the dull ground.

I suppose there is beauty in the hardened ground, covered at times in snow. Skis and sleds lean against doorways, gloves and hats in a jumble on the floor, bright eyes and rosy, windburned cheeks pop against the dull winter background.

I appreciate that chilled beauty for a moment and then yearn for spring.

Tales of new growth begin in other places of the country first. While not the tundra, Michigan never sees the first robin or daffodil. Except for rare, exceptional days, we keep cardigans and trench coats in our closets to have at the ready, even when the kids see the sunshine and try to leave the house in bathing suits and shorts.

My scribbled notes are more frequent and prolific as Daylight Savings Time pushes the light further into the evening.

Projects that seemed out of reach in the winter brighten with possibility when perused with refreshed eyes.

Hopes that slept dormant through cold winter months reemerge. Some dreams simply take a little longer to unfurl.

But like the crocuses little fingers plucked from the ground in front of my house recently, even plans and wishes that take a little longer to come to fruition can bloom.

A Time for Plans to Bloom | Just.Be.Enough.xo



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