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Enough of a Mom?

Admittedly, I spend a lot of time writing here about my own journey and how I’m trying to figure out my way in the world as

What is Focus?

One of the words I chose for the year 2013 was Focus. It may appear to an outsider that I already am focused, as I’m pretty

What Do I Want?

A few months ago, on the spur of the moment, I bought tickets to a small concert for my husband and I to attend one cold

Be Enough Women: Facing Your Fears While Hiding Them From Kids

We are currently prepping for Hurricane Sandy. If we are to believe the news, this is a storm of epic proportions and we are to batten

You know the metaphor with the airplane oxygen mask that people use with busy moms all the time? The one where you are supposed to put

My youngest child started school a few weeks ago. He’s been in preschool for years but this time it’s the real deal and I am alone

Be Enough Family: Quality Time?

When I think back on my mom, it is with fondness. She was a good mom. She worked hard to take care of us and I

The world of direct sales gets a bad rap. There are jokes made at its expense on television shows and women turn up their noses at

Just another mailing tube in a box full of mailing tubes – that’s what my master’s degree looks like today. I was digging through the basement

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