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The Graveyard of Fitness Accountability

If you were to visit my house and peek inside my medicine cabinet, you’d see a calendar pasted there. Two printed pages, dated March and April

Getting Better at Celebrating

When I think about Easters as a kid, I remember baskets full of colorful plastic grass and fluorescent socks. Valentine’s Days were chocolate hearts on a

Merely Tenacity

I’m starting to suspect that I might perhaps be bored. Maybe. It’s one of the possibilities, anyway. I’m either bored or on the cusp of something,

Keeping Score

I’m in an ongoing battle with my husband right now. Except he doesn’t know it. I’m keeping score in my head, you see. I cooked and did

Be Enough Women: The Postpartum Pudge

You know all that empowering stuff about how we should love our postpartum bodies because we grew a person and gave our children life and all

Be Enough Family: Newborns and Cranky Pants

As I mentioned in my last post, we now have two kids and both my husband and I are at home – him because he’s a stay-at-home

Be Enough Me: The Friendship Algorithm

Early this year, when we had lived here only two or three months, I was out walking with my sister-in-law. She had moved here a couple

Be Enough Family: A Less-Than Mom of Two

There’s a little voice, very quiet and way in the back of my head, that’s telling me I’m not as good as other moms with two

Wordless Wednesday: Wonder Woman's Thighs

Source: via Elena on Pinterest   The image above is one Elena pinned on JBE’s “Imagine with images” Pinterest board. I had seen it and

Be Enough Family: McShame

I have a weird thing about McDonald’s. We ate there occasionally when I was growing up, and I certainly did in my 20s. And then the

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