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“You look very pretty today.” “That’s a great sweater on you.” “I’m inspired by the fundraising that you do.” “The way you give back is really

Change is often difficult. Whether we’re facing a new job, a new chapter in our home life or attempting a healthier lifestyle, we have to adjust

We talk so often about goals at the beginning of the year, but as summer stretches on that time – and list – seems long gone.

I, like most of us, come with a bagful of insecurities and fears, built up over years of life experience and perceived failures. Some of them

My newly two year old son is screaming around his pacifier, standing behind his closed door. He pounds on it with fists that are each holding

I’ve made some big decisions lately – for how I’m running my home, my life and my vision of my career. As tends to happen, everyone

A couple of months ago, I decided to start looking for a job. It was exciting as I looked at all of the possibilities in front

Last weekend, we packed up our car and headed up to meet friends at the Wisconsin Dells. The company was wonderful and we came back with

I got a letter a few months ago from an old friend. She was letting me know why she had “unfriended” me on Facebook. It sounded

This winter, as mild as it has been, is still cold, grey and desolate. We are stuck far too often inside the walls of our home,

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