Being enough is a journey. A process. I have said this before. I will say it again. Each of us fluctuate day to day in our progress on the journey, as we deal with day to day life that causes us to react, to feel, to be human.

So today we are going to highlight the journeys and reminders of others in a different way.

First, the wise words of Keith Olbermann, a broadcast journalist.

Being Enough by Keith Olbermann

The second, by the efforts of woman that is an inspiration to many. Tracy Clark is a super hero women, mom, photographer, champion, and founder of the acclaimed site Shutter Sisters.  Tracy has been highlighting the stories of many through her “I am enough collaborative.”  Tracy shared her story and now shares the stories of others, including a recent I am enough collaborative post that was particularly powerful. The story of Tamarisk Saunders-Davies who writes:

“The quest for enoughness is simply this – the daily rubber-meets-the-road practice of loving yourself no matter what. Forgiving yourself no matter what. Be your own best friend. Starting now.”

Read the rest of Tamarisk’s story, and the many other I am enough stories that Tracy has shared.

Did you read something recently that spoke of being enough? Share it with us in the comments.





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