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      The colors of Fall are lovely. The Reds, Golds, Browns and Oranges bring to mind chunky sweaters, warm hot chocolate and the smell

When you live in a college town, life can be extreme. The fans. The banter. The hypotheticals. The absolute assumption that everyone eats, sleeps and breathes

Change is often difficult. Whether we’re facing a new job, a new chapter in our home life or attempting a healthier lifestyle, we have to adjust

A vision board is one of those things that I keep hearing people talk about. Like a life list, vision boards are springing up as ways

While at BlogHer12 I met a gal whose happiness is contagious. Kathy from was warm, funny and extremely encouraging. Her laugh was contagious and her

I didn't write for the mentor post for Be Enough Me Monday, mostly because I have had so many mentors in my life that every time

We talk so often about goals at the beginning of the year, but as summer stretches on that time – and list – seems long gone.

Wordless Wednesday: C-Section Regrets

This is me with Connor just moments after he was born. What you probably can’t tell from this photo is that I had a c-section, and

The picture? Taken by my daughter. The quote? From one of my favorite authors. The season? Better than I think we’ve ever had. Wishing you and

Sometimes we need the little things in life to remind us of what is important. Like a granddaughter and her grandfather going to look for fresh

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