Nope, that one is far too conservative.

Nah, this one can’t spell.

I don’t think so; he’s not my type.

As I flip through the multitude of matches that periodically land in my inbox through my online dating subscription, I find myself eliminating men as potential partners with barely a glance.

I shut down the options much too quickly.

I eliminate them based solely on my perception of who they might be rather than learning who they really are. Don’t I want the same consideration?

Get to know me before deciding that I’m too quirky, too sensitive, too liberal.

Discover that I have a conservative side, that my quirks make me unique and that my sensitive heart means that I can love more deeply.

(I see half a dozen of my good friends nodding their heads vigorously in agreement. They have been suggesting this for years.)

As I embark upon the chapter of my journey labeled 2013, I have chosen to focus on learning to embrace life.

I want to experience more than these four comfortable walls. I want to expand my horizons with travel and adventure. I want to meet new people.

embrace-this-life- JustBeEnough

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But I’m not much of a risk taker.

Choosing to embrace life will require summoning courage.

It will require learning to pause thoughtfully before I utter an automatic “no” and consider a cautious “yes”.

I will need to fight hard against the inertia that has me comfortably entrenched on my couch, with my book and herbal tea in hand.

It will be necessary to launch myself into new situations, take on different opportunities, explore different avenues.

Of my three words (breathe, embrace and appreciate), EMBRACE has the greatest potential to change my life.

I know how to breathe and de-stress; I just need to DO it.

I know how to appreciate my life; I just need to DO it.

Embracing life flies in the face of what I know how to do: protect my heart, maintain the status quo, and live a quiet suburban existence.

I will need to expose my heart, change the ordinary path, and move beyond my suburban comfort zone.

I will need to lose sight of my shore.


Kimberly Rues

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While the life in front of Kimberly isn't quite what she planned, it's perfect anyway. At Rubber Chicken Madness, she blogs about her high adventures in transforming teenage boys into confident young men, treasuring her imperfect life, and learning to take each day as it comes. You can also connect with her on Facebook.

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