Fridays mean guest posts here at Just.Be.Enough. and we are so very honored to have Emily of Suess’s Pieces with us today sharing her story.  She blogs about books, freelancing and writing, shares her personal stories and is even organizing an upcoming writing contest.


Emily SuessAs a writer, I suffer through some pretty severe bouts of self-censoring angst. Not so much with the writing I do for my freelance clients or my full-time employer, but with the writing I do for me.

I know, right?

My personal blog should be an oasis, a safe haven. Instead, many times I worry that I will be judged severely for daring to write down what I really think. Do I come off mean? Bitter? Elitist? I worry about these things sometimes, and then I simply don’t write at all.

Although I grew up in a town that grows increasingly more conservative with each passing day, I am growing increasingly more liberal. I really, really like to cuss. I live in sin with my boyfriend. I think gay people are cool. I think marriage is antiquated. I don’t mind the idea of people receiving government assistance.

I know lots of people have similar feelings about life and the world, especially other bloggers. But I don’t censor myself for those people. I worry about the former youth pastor, my old high school classmates, and that one cousin. What if those guys read my blog?

Will they think less of me?

Will they stare at their monitors and shake their heads in disbelief at what I’ve become?

Will they try to console my poor, sweet parents and assure them they did everything they could to raise me right?

Will they stop reading?

Will they ignore me?

I’ve considered alternative solutions like writing in a journal or opening up an anonymous blog just for rants and free-writing. But then my stubbornness rears its ugly head and I say to myself, “That’s not accepting who you are, Em. That’s hiding!”

So, enough already. I’ve decided for the next month, I’m going to write my diary blog posts with a sticky note on my monitor that says, “It’s okay to cuss. It’s okay to be liberal and free-spirited. It’s okay to write what you think.”

I am giving myself permission to be me and to be bold about being me. I’m giving myself permission to be enough. I just didn’t think it’d be this hard.


Thank you to Emily for sharing her Just.Be.Enough. story with us! What about you? What permissions are you giving yourself when it comes to your writing?



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