It’s that time of year again. The time when every product under the sun dusts off its pink packaging and women all over Facebook post cryptic status updates about where they like ‘it’ or something akin to a pregnancy update. For some reason this is to raise awareness of breast cancer. Today I woke up to see my best friend’s status read “I’m ten weeks and I’m craving thin mints.” I guarantee not once did breast cancer enter my mind. Nope. I spent all morning wavering between extreme hurt that I found out that my best friend was pregnant via Facebook and pissed off that she didn’t tell me.

I'm 8 weeks and am craving a kit kat for breast cancer awareness

Another example of breast cancer awareness: A pink bridge.

Except of course she isn’t pregnant. She’s raising awareness about breast cancer. I get that these memes are fun, and in no way do I think less of those who participate in these memes. Not at all, but it just seems silly to me. Want to raise awareness? Be aware yourself. Why waste time with elusive status updates? Post a link to an article, some research…something! When we as women harness the power of social media we move mountains. Just this week JCPenney removed a girls’ shirt from their website after we took to Twitter with our outrage. Imagine if we could harness this power more regularly, bombarding our congressmen and women, the big pharmacology companies…maybe we could move some mountains in women’s cancer research. Heaven knows we need more money for research. Research that could save the life of someone we know.

Oh yes, I’m speaking as someone who has a friend battling breast cancer. Again. For the fourth time and now it’s spread to her spine, neck, ribs and hips. Every breath she takes raises my awareness. Every post she publishes on her blog raises my awareness. She is not perfect. I’m sure she doesn’t want to be the voice of awareness for so many of us. She wants to play with her kids, take them to school, pursue her dreams, love her husband. She wants to live. She doesn’t care where you keep your purse.

Today, instead of posting some silly Facebook meme, I’m posting the link to her take on the very first meme…the unintentionally hurtful bra one. Perhaps you’ll join me. Maybe we can raise some awareness this way.

It’s not enough. It’s not enough for all the women struggling to fight breast cancer, struggling to just be moms, wives, scientists, lawyers, cooks, architects. To just be.

It may not be much. But today, it will be a start. It will be enough.

Here is the link to the words of the beautiful Susan Neibur. Join me: In The Name of Awareness.



We hope that you will join us in our Be Enough Me for Cancer campaign where we link up stories of our own being enough. For every 20 linked up posts, Bellflower Books will provide a memory book to a woman fighting breast cancer. It may not be enough to find a cure, but it will be enough to help bring a smile to courageous women that are giving it their all, every single day.  The link up opens on Monday morning and remains open for three days. No blog? No worries. You can also comment on the post or on the Just.Be.Enough. Facebook page with your own story and be “counted.”

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