This winter, as mild as it has been, is still cold, grey and desolate. We are stuck far too often inside the walls of our home, if not avoiding cold, avoiding the gazillion germs the kids are sharing. This week’s strep is next week’s croup is next week’s pneumonia.

Motivation is hard to find, and I am clearly not a winter person.

I can only look ahead, to the warmth, to the green of spring and to the hope that it brings.

When that comes, I will lace up my shoes and start a season of challenges I enjoy, of start and finish lines, crowds and finisher medals, and maybe even a PR or two.

I’ll do it because it’s the only way I know how to fight back at cancer. I have far too many reasons.

What do you do to find hope? Got a name you’d like me to carry with me this season? Leave it in the comments.



About Tracy

ChiMomWriter is a career gal trapped in a mom's body - Hold the mom jeans. She is a writer, marketer, fundraiser, marathoner, wine drinker, and music lover. She has two kids, ages three and two. Her home blog is It Builds Character and you can also find her on Twitter.

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