Everyone bemoans Pinterest as the latest, greatest time suck. I joined months ago and, while I’ve certainly been known to get sucked into sites that offer great visuals and inspiring things, I actually don’t spend a ton of time on there. I do have a few boards that are my go-to happy places though, and they’re always good for a smile or some much-needed perspective.

So, using images from my Pinterest boards I offer you 5 things that make me smile:

1. Whimsy

There isn’t enough whimsy in this world, I say. It’s hard to be grumpy when you’re doing something whimsical, and I personally think it should be a mandatory element for all executive board meetings. Actually, all meetings. And dates. And workouts. We just need more whimsy.

I especially love companies that aren’t afraid to show their whimsical side. It gives them a personality and helps them connect with their customers as people instead of wallets. The other day I was driving behind a truck belonging to a local gardening company. It had a beautiful garden image on the back, at the top of which were the words, “Smile, you live in paradise!” I totally smiled.

Whimsy | Just.Be.Enough.


2. Adventure

I love traveling, and I don’t do it nearly enough. (Speaking of wallets…) I love, love, love colourful houses. This is not generally something you see where I live (the bizarre green house with bright blue trim up the street notwithstanding) and I associate buildings like this with being somewhere else. And being somewhere else always reminds me that the world is so much bigger than my little sphere. That project at work I hate, my house in need of cleaning, my endless to-do list – they all cease to matter when I’m 4000 miles away.

I may not get to see them in person much, but pictures of colourful houses definitely make me smile.

colorful houses in Cape Town | Just.Be.Enough.

Source: None via Robin on Pinterest


3. Boat pictures

I love boats, but it’s boat pictures that make me smile. I’m always drawn to them, and have been for as long as I can remember. I have a small collection of boat pictures – scattered in various scrapbooks and frames around my house – that I’ve gathered in various places around the world. Kittens and puppies and babies are great – totally smile-worthy – but it’s boat pictures that turn me into a grinning fool.

nautical flags on boat masts | Just.Be.Enough.

4. Looking out over the ocean

I grew up near the ocean and it’s part of me. Standing on a quiet beach looking out over the ocean is one of the most peaceful things I know of, and yet I rarely do it deliberately. But on countless occasions I’ve found myself at the ocean’s edge thinking, “Right. This.”

We’re about to move away from our oceanside city to the mountain-dotted prairies. I literally get a lump in my throat when I think about not being near the ocean and my son not growing up with the beach experiences that formed my childhood, but the ocean will always be there and now maybe I’ll make special trips to stand before it. And I’m okay with this change because of #5…

clear ocean wave | Just.Be.Enough.

Source: None via Robin on Pinterest


5. Living a deliberate life.

The quote below is popular and you might have seen it. I love it so much I pinned it in various forms, and it got me through some very, very tough days.

Living a deliberate Life | Just.Be.Enough.

Source: None via Robin on Pinterest


We all have a life we want to live – the life we think we should be living – and yet how many of us can say we’re actually living that life? I did not anticipate some of the things that happened to me, things that were not part of the life I wanted to be living. But slowly, very slowly, I started to realize that maybe the life I’m meant to live isn’t what I thought. I came across this quote and there were days I just looked at it. Over and over. I let it start to filter through the noise of my resistance and started to ponder the implications.

I don’t know how to make it happen. I don’t even really know what it is. But, damn, I’m so absolutely jazzed about what might be waiting for me. So jazzed I’m willing to quit my job, sell my house, and move hundreds of miles away from what I know in order to find out. And even in my moments of sheer terror that makes me smile big.

So that’s what I’ll leave you with today: Figure out what’s missing in your life. Chase it. Catch it. Even if, for now, it’s just a picture to represent something you need more of.

Kiss your life. *




*With thanks to Philip Bosman for the words.


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