I woke up a couple months ago knowing that my exercise routine was not enough. It was time to hire a personal trainer to help find ME again. I never felt I needed a trainer- it was a waste of money, right? Well, after only a month, I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve made in a really long time.

As a lifetime athlete, I am used to playing hard and pushing myself to the limit. I’m hooked on the endorphin rush that comes with the “runner’s high” and the fist-pump “yes!” that escapes my lips as I better a time set as a personal record. When I do these things, I feel accomplished.

I would also consider myself a little bit lazy. After hard base training and competitive season, I look forward to the “rest” period or “off-season.” I like that I can let the diet relax a bit and slug around with TV clicker in hand.

This past year has seemed like one giant “off season” and I didn’t realize it until about 2 months ago. I kept a running routine through the winter months, making sure to log in 3-4 miles per run, 2-3 times a week and as spring edged closer, I added more long runs to complete a half-marathon in May. But after that run? I only did the bare minimum. My summer months became busy with other matters and the lack of exercise caught up to me and quickly.

My clothes fit different. I started to feel a bit plump as I bent over to shave my legs in the shower. Then came a day when I put on my running compression shorts and they felt tight! What?!

My friend had been working with a trainer at a local gym and suggested I give her a call. I hesitated for a month to do so, saying to myself that I could do it on my own. I was disciplined enough.

Not so.

When the scale topped at 150, 20 pounds over my skating competition weight, I felt a lot of emotions. Sad, disgusted and frustrated to name just a few. How could I let myself get to this point? How could I let myself down?

So that morning, I woke up, said ‘enough is enough’ and made the call and set up a meeting. It was time to put the focus back on me and getting healthy again.

After a month, I’m down 6 pounds and back to finding a part of me that I thought I lost.

I’m back on the road to Badass and I’ve never felt better.

Ever felt like you lost a part of you? How did you go about getting it back?



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