Self Doubt

There once was a woman who lived most of her life doubting herself. Second guessing. Being her own worst enemy.

Despite overcoming major life hurdles like cancer, divorce, and depression, she still saw herself as weak. She still second guessed. She still felt like she had to hide in the corner or try to be something she was not.

She ran a marathon to prove something to herself. She had a permanent seat on the roller coaster that took her from overweight to within reach of her goal. She could talk a great game but, in the end, when it came down to the quiet of her mind, all she could focus on was the flaws, the imperfections, the outward evidence that she was not all that she wanted to be.

That she was me. And that ME is tired of carrying around the painful weight caused by focusing on the flaws. That me is ready to shed the pounds, to walk taller, to stand straighter, and to believe. To believe in me. To believe that me–who I am, as I am, is enough.

I am not naive enough to believe that this journey to focusing on the good will easy. I know that I will get frustrated and will find it impossible to look beyond whatever imperfection I see in the mirror. But it is a journey. A truly worthwhile journey.

A journey made even more important by the presence of my six and a half year old daughter Principessa. My bubbly and spirited daughter who seems happy and independent and ready to take on the world. Until one day she cried. She cried because she thought she was not pretty because of her glasses. Or because she thought the children at the pool were laughing at her because she was short. Or because she beats herself up for having forgotten how to make good choices.

We need to believe in ourselves for ourselves and for our children. We need to believe in ourselves because the alternative leads us down a long and eventually lonely road. We need to believe. It is time. It is time to celebrate me. It is time to celebrate you. It is time to Just.Be.Enough.


About Elena

Living, doing, and growing, Elena is a freelance writer and chaser of dreams trying to make every moment matter. Follow her adventures at LiveDoGrow. You can also find her on @ElenaSonnino on Twitter.

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