Six new tires.

A flooded bathroom resulting in ruined portions of ceiling.

A broken arm.

A clogged toilet.

A house that explodes at will.

The baby won’t nap and the teenagers won’t go to bed.

Exhaustion. Stress. Anxiety.

The phrase When it rains it pours has come to mind several times over the last couple of months. The days fly by and I feel as though my head is barely above water. Life becomes overwhelming and I feel ridiculously inadequate much of the time. And yet I find that I must laugh at the crazy or I will implode. I watch sitcoms before bed and invite my sister over to watch FAIL videos on YouTube with me, because they are funny and I need to laugh.

I love to make others laugh. I love to tell stories about the chaos that is my life in such a way that you must laugh with me, or at me. I don’t care which it is as long as laughter is involved.

The best part is that it helps me laugh at myself and not take everything so seriously. Because really, why would the bathroom flood when I was home? That would be mundane. No. Instead it flooded while my husband and I were at the store escaping and I received a frantic phone call from my son explaining that water was seeping through the ceiling and into the kitchen. And why would they listen to which fan I told them to use until I could return home? And of course they used every towel we own—which for nine people is a lot of towels—that then took me two days to wash, dry, fold and put away. And of course we are going to have to replace part of the ceiling.

When you really think about it all…it’s a little funny.

Laugh is one of my three words this year and I’m trying to make an effort to look at life through some rose-colored lenses. I am trying to suppress the pessimist that resides deep within me.


The bright side of the flood? Well, at least my older children were responsible enough to stop the water and sop some of it up before we returned. When we thanked them profusely, they were puffed up with pride and didn’t seem to notice the mess.

The tire in the snowstorm allowed me to spend the morning with my husband. The broken arm allowed my artistic three-year-old to legally draw all over her arm. The messy house, well, who needs a clean house all the time anyway?

And sleep? It’s totally overrated…right?

How do you unwind or look at the bright side when life is overwhelming?



About Stacey

Stacey is a writer and blogger laughing her way through parenting 7 children. You can find her little piece of chaos at Stacey's Mothering Moments .

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