This week is the inauguration of something new for Be Enough Me. We want Just.Be.Enough. to be a place of community, of shared voices, of shared empowerment and so will be rotating hosts for the Monday post. This week Stephanie shares her letter to her future self.


Dear Stephanie:

Just stop. Whatever it is that’s happening, that you are doing, just stop. For two seconds and breathe. There is still so much life to live, things to do and see. But stop right now. Look around. You rushed through so much during your childhood, always scared and unhappy, hating yourself. You swirled though young adulthood quickly, seeking out those who would reinforce all the negative and squash the positive.

Somehow you survived in spite of yourself. More than that, you thrived. You finally found your path and found the right people to build your life with. You proved time and time again that you are a bit catlike. You may not always land on your feet right away, but you get there pretty quick.

A Letter to Myself | Just.Be.Enough.The children’s years were too short. They say in childhood the days are long but the years are short and that proved true. You blink and they are all grown up. You did well. You were a good mother and, more important than that, you were the right mother for them. Even if some days they watched too much tv and ate too much ice cream, they were loved and they knew it. They never had cause to doubt that you were in their corner, loving them unconditionally. You were really good at knowing what the right thing for them was – as opposed to what was right for you – and acting accordingly.

So stop. Breathe. Whatever you’re up against now you can handle. You’ve handled everything else that’s come your way, even when the obstacles seemed insurmountable. You beat an eating disorder that almost beat you. You handled postpartum anxiety like a champ, refusing to be quiet about it. Whether it is a big challenge or you just view it as a big challenge, you can handle it. The advice your mother gave you still holds true:

Stand up straight, smile, maybe a little lip gloss, get out of your own way, and breathe.




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