Making a Snapfish Photo Book | Just.Be.Enough. My own baby book sits on a shelf in Abbey’s closet, memories and photographs captured and cherished by my mother and given to me when we moved into our house. Despite my mom’s propensity for tossing things into the trash when her house begins to feel too cluttered, she has boxes of photographs and scrapbooks.

Thanks to digital cameras and my fabulous iPhone camera, I take more pictures than my mother ever dreamed of snapping. Without the cost of photo-developing hanging over my head, I’ll click away until I get a shot I love or like or think may work. Technology is marvelous, yet I have less printed photos than my mom, less books of memories. My blog lovingly houses some of my favorites and once in a while I print out a stack of pictures, but the majority of them languish on my hard drive and back up drives.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create a Snapfish 11″ x 14″ Custom Cover Lay-flat Photo Book, in part because it gave me the opportunity to collect our photos together and print them out. I used a collection of photos from January 2012 – July 2012, and my book was 28 pages when I finished and edited it.

Review of a Snapfilsh Book | Just.Be.Enough.

The overall process of making the book was wonderful. The website was easy to navigate, including uploading, choosing photos, and integrating what I knew about Snapfish with the new (to me!) photo-book format. I generally pre-edit a lot of my photos before uploading to photo sites, but I liked that you could edit when placing the photos in the photo windows. There were a couple times I zoomed in or out depending on the size and shape of the window, and that made it possible for me to include photos that may not have fit without editing.

In general, I appreciated the type and selection of the layouts. I didn’t use much text in my book, but it seemed like there were several options for that as well. I liked that there were opportunities to choose backgrounds and colors that could be used to create a specific mood for a themed book, though I chose something a little more neutral (the Grace theme).

As far as the quality of the book itself, I am so pleased. I chose the cover with the full photo, and it’s just lovely. I didn’t have any issues with the quality of the materials used. The color in the photos is well done and vibrant, and the paper quality is fantastic, especially since I have little hands looking through the book almost daily right now.

I wish I could say I will consistently design and order these types of books to have for my kids to look at when they’re older. I will make an effort to do it more often than I have in the past, but hopefully my kids will be as enthralled with my digital history-keeping as I always have been with my mom’s print one.



Just.Be.Enough. was provided with a Snapfish Custom Cover Lay-flat Photo Book for feedback purposes. This blog post was not a requirement of receiving the book. All opinions expressed are my own.


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