This week, we are uber excited—you might even say “revved” up—to have Laura Mount, a wife, mother, and athlete, here sharing her story. Laura is a FitFluential Ambassador (that is where she and I “met”) and competes in endurance events. She is a real woman, living each day, trying to be the best her she can be. She believes in making things happen and is a great champion of causes and people.


Be Enough with Laura Mount | Just.Be.Enough.Be Enough!

These words REALLY speak to me.

I am a reformed office worker living the dream of being a stay-at-home mom. I say that with MUCH sarcasm. I never loved any of my desk jobs. I hated them, in fact. Being trapped inside behind a desk killed me, but even after getting out from behind the desk I can still feel its weight on top of me like an anvil.

I am at home with my children. The place I truly believe I should be now. The only way I can imagine raising them.

Why can this NOT be enough for me?

It’s not like I have the strong desire to be working or climbing any corporate ladders. I don’t feel like I am missing out on something as a result of my choosing to be home with my children, but… there is a pressure that I feel.

Pressure that I should be contributing something in the way of income (though we don’t need it) and that if what I am doing doesn’t create income then it’s not really worthy of discussion. Even if I’m still contributing to the betterment of my community and other people’s lives. As though if it isn’t “justified” with a paycheck than it is not worthwhile in other people’s eyes.

It’s not like I sit around and eat bon bons all day while my kids are at school. I work.—unpaid—to care for my family, to give my kids opportunities. And while intellectually I know it is a worthwhile cause, something in my gut makes me feel less than.

This feeling comes and goes in my life, but right now—in this moment—I’m feeling like I AM ENOUGH! How? Did I get a job? NOPE!

Raising kids is HARD WORK. Staying home is a choice I make every day! I am happy to do it… and while I do that, I continue to do things for myself. I squash that mom guilt down and I lace up the shoes and go for a run. I’ve found a way to be myself for the sake of me!

For me it’s exercise, racing, training. I took up triathlons when my kids were little and got back to running on a regular basis. I got picked up by a tri team because of my love of blogging for the sake of maintaining my voice. And becoming part of that tri team has helped me to continue to be enough. To use it as an opportunity to give back to my community and inspire people! Right now these things are making me feel like ENOUGH!

Being ENOUGH can only be defined by you! My ENOUGH is likely very different than YOUR ENOUGH! So whatever makes you feel ALIVE and CONNECTED is YOUR ENOUGH. Don’t be afraid or ashamed about it. Go after it.

What about you? What are you going to go after today?


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