December is a time when families and individuals spend time appreciating, celebrating, giving, and getting.  Whatever a person’s religion, it is a festive time of year for many.  Others though are looking at pictures of lost family members, remembering those friends or loved ones that lost their fight against cancer during this year, letting the reality of their passing sink in as they set the table for one less person or buy one less gift.

As we hug the loved ones that ARE with us this year, we hope, with every ounce of our being for more birthdays for all.  For the men and women and children that are fighting with every ounce of energy in their being, to win the fight.


While this is a non-traditional Just.Be.Enough. topic, it is one that it is very important to me as I am lucky enough to be celebrating more birthdays as a thirteen year survivor of Hodgkin’s Disease. Many of the people that I love and care about are fighting their own battles right now, so this post is dedicated to them.  This post is sponsored by American Cancer Society.


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Living, doing, and growing, Elena is a freelance writer and chaser of dreams trying to make every moment matter. Follow her adventures at LiveDoGrow. You can also find her on @ElenaSonnino on Twitter.

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