Over the last month, I have woken up every single day, excited and energized at my new role working from home as a blogger and freelance writer trying to break into this space full time. But also? EVERY SINGLE MORNING….and EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I asked myself “now what?” The thoughts of “What have I gotten myself into” and “Who do I think I am that I can make this work” have seeped into my subconscious, fueled by glances at my spreadsheet that tracks my revenue versus my expenses. Every single day I have doubted.

And then…after having taken the moment to let myself be afraid, insecure, and maybe even worried…I ask myself again, with a more determined tone and sense of commitment…”Ok then…now what?”


Here is the thing: I did make a decision. And crazy or not, I have been given a chance to chase a dream. A dream that with time and determination, is not out of reach. A dream that is going to challenge me to push my own limits, to advocate for myself in a way that pushes my comfort zone to my very core, and a dream that implies that I believe, with every bone in my body, that I am worthy of this success.

The truth is that by facing the things that make me the most uncomfortable about this transition, I am actually doing myself a favor by saying them out loud.

  • I am afraid I will fail.
  • I feel unworthy amidst a sea of hugely talented voices around me.
  • I am scared of the unknown and uncertain future.
  • I worry about not having a good balance between work time and family time.

Saying these things out loud, and then thinking about how I can redefine what it means to be successful using my fears as healthy tools instead of needles that poke holes in the balloons that are my dreams….makes me proactive. Knowing what the potential barriers and stumbling blocks might be make me stronger because I am forced to think about the factors and variables that play a role.

The best thing I can do to impact my success is to push past my comfort zone and really think about and actually USE my strengths to defeat the voices in my head that could otherwise un-do all of my efforts. I am a big believer in the idea of putting your intentions out their in the universe, because otherwise, if you never voice your ideal outcomes or goals, they risk only living in your head.

So I have done just that. I have shared with people my dream of being a speaker about the benefits and empowerment that can occur when we empower ourselves and the little moments in life that define our paths both good and bad. I have shared my visions of coaching and mentoring to build capacity in others. Every time I share, not only do I give myself the opportunity to think through exactly what it is that I want, but I also feel more and more conviction about my dreams.

And with that conviction, I am closer and closer to empowering myself “to be real in business and in life.”


This post was inspired by the book: Big Butts, Fat Thighs, And Other Secrets To Success: Empowering Women to be Real in Business and in Life by Laura Black. Laura Black takes her expertise in the business world to share personal (and funny) stories that make us remember that whether your “big butt” is literal or figurative, we cannot spend an entire life trying to banish or hide. We must work through a process to accept our vulnerabilities and move on toward a journey where we believe we ARE enough.

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Disclaimer: This post was inspired and sponsored by Laura Black’s book Big Butts, Fat Things, and Other Secrets to Success. All opinions are my own.

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