On Talent | Just.Be.Enough.

Source: writeclickscrapbook.com via Robin on Pinterest


I came across this quote on Pinterest not long after I started blogging. As is often the case, especially with something new, I wondered whether I was good enough. Was I a good enough writer? Could I do this whole blogging thing? Seeing this quote was a good reminder that it doesn’t matter if we’re the best. I wrote because I could, and because I wanted to. And that was perfectly good enough.


About Robin

Robin Farr is a mom, a writer, a speaker, and a runner. She's also a postpartum depression survivor who knows what it's like to overcome something hard and find more meaning in life as a result. In addition to momming, blogging, and doing freelance work, Robin works in communications for one of Canada's most-admired companies. Her blog is Farewell Stranger and you can follow her on Twitter at @FarewellStrangr. Her three words for 2013 are Stretch, Balance, Presence.

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