It’s the eve of a family vacation.

A vacation we’re taking both of the kids out of school for.

See, each child has already had a spring break. Separately.

Which means this is my third spring break in six weeks.

I’m thinking of it as the ultimate in playing hooky.

Playing Hooky | Just.Be.Enough.

There’s a bit of a risk to taking older children out of school for a vacation. As a matter of fact, the school policy handbook says this about it:

Vacations During School Time
Extended vacations during school time are discouraged. The school calendar is distributed to all families in June, and again in the summer packet. The purpose of this early distribution is to allow families to arrange extended vacations during the school holiday times. Assignments are not given in advance of pre-arranged absences, but parents/ students may always follow the daily assignments on the school website. These can be turned in to the teacher upon their return to school. In addition, a student may read or work ahead in subject areas. Students who miss school for an extended vacation during school time cannot demand the privilege of special, individualized tutoring from faculty members on missed classroom material, “makeup” work, or tests that were given during the student/family vacation time.

Okey dokey. That seems pretty clear.

But you know what? Sometimes when Dad’s been working for 108 days straight you need to choose family first.

You need to do something that helps you all reconnect, even at the risk of *kind of* violating a school policy.

Sometimes, to be the family you need to be, you need to put the rest of the world aside and reconnect the way it matters – with quality one-on-one time that doesn’t have all of the outside noise competing in the background.

And our family has a lot of background noise right now.

So I’m glad we’re getting getting ready to play hooky.

We need it.




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