The calendar will soon mark the beginning of a new year. It as a clean slate to start 365 days of change.

Do you have list of resolutions at the ready? Lose weight? Exercise more? Maybe you want to learn something new?

I have something I want to show you:

Making Things Happen | Just.Be.Enough.

That is right. What is stopping you?

I think that resolutions fail because expectations are set way too high. When the goal is not reached within a week or a month, it is viewed as a failure. You give up and go right back to what is comfortable and familiar. It won’t be easy, but a little soul searching is needed and will keep you honest with yourself.  I guarantee that if you can figure out what wall you have created to keep you from a goal, you may start and end your year successfully meeting your set resolution.

I am right here with you…because this is something I need to do as well. I am looking at the New Year and trying to gain some perspective of goals I have set that may be a bit too lofty. It’s not that I won’t meet them, but sometimes I need to take pause and be a little bit more realistic of what I can do, right now.

I know you can do it. I have faith in you.

Because we want to avoid this:

Making Things Happen | Just.Be.Enough.

How will you spend the next 365 days?



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