This magnet sits on our fridge. My husband got it for me, presumably because of all the times he had to listen to me complain about people at my old job who didn’t seem to be able to deal with the hard stuff.

Dealing with day-to-day stuff is all well and good. Challenging people to take things to the next level is great. But sometimes our job – whatever that may be – requires us to deal with the awkward stuff. To have hard conversations.

This is true if we’re mothers who need to have conversations with our kids about behavior. It’s true if we have a job outside the home that requires us to have good relationships with co-workers. And it’s definitely true if we’re executives who are paid way too much to avoid something because we don’t want (or don’t know how) to deal with it.

Being enough is not just about dealing with insecurities and the parts of ourselves we want to improve. It’s also about addressing the hard stuff too.

I’m working on this right now in a couple of areas – one family thing and one issue at work. How about you?




About Robin

Robin Farr is a mom, a writer, a speaker, and a runner. She's also a postpartum depression survivor who knows what it's like to overcome something hard and find more meaning in life as a result. In addition to momming, blogging, and doing freelance work, Robin works in communications for one of Canada's most-admired companies. Her blog is Farewell Stranger and you can follow her on Twitter at @FarewellStrangr. Her three words for 2013 are Stretch, Balance, Presence.

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