One of the nice things about blogging, even after over two years, is that around every corner is a chance to meet new writers and voices. Laura Rossi Totten is one of the voices I feel lucky to have been introduced to, and today she is here, sharing her be enough story.

Laura is a blogger and a public relations expert. Her blog My So-Called Sensory Life: 365 Unexpected Gifts from Motherhood celebrates the daily gifts of motherhood.  


Road Map for Parenting | Just.Be.Enough.Nine years ago when my husband and I found out we were having twins the first question I had was, “How in the world will I be able to care for two newborns?!” [Insert nervous laughter here.]

As soon as I came home from the hospital, I quickly learned that there would never be enough of me to go around but that it was ok as long as I was doing my best for both children and showering them with love.

During the first few weeks at home, I amazed even myself with my feats of twin motherhood – I could feed both babies bottles at the same time (while pumping and rocking them), I could dance/sing/read and make dinner while pushing the double stroller in my kitchen, and I somehow found ways to give each baby one-on-one special Mommy time every single day.

As any mother of twins will tell you, the first few months (years!?) are a blur of diapers, feedings, sleepless nights, and many blissful moments. But it’s the lessons I learned when I first brought my son and daughter home that still give me the road map I need to navigate parenthood:

  1. Take Care of Me — even if it’s for only one precious minute
  2. There is Only So Much One Person Can Do in One Single Day
  3. Accept The Fact That You Can Always Do More — But that doesn’t mean you have to
  4. Being enough is a choice — one you may have to make many times a day

Short of cloning myself, there really isn’t a way to give J or M everything they need all the time — especially since our son has special needs. Add to this mix my husband’s needs and my own, well, all I can do to survive (and thrive) is to do my best, to love them all fiercely and to remember each day is a gift.

When I think about the incredible message of the “Just Be Enough” blog, it means that as a mom, wife, and woman everything I give to my family makes me more than enough.


Laura’s writing has been featured in many places including NPR’s WRNI-FM,,,, The Chronicle of Higher Education and more.  Follow her on Twitter @BookPRGirl or visit


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