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When I wrote last month about believing in you that You Can, I really meant it. I wanted to give you a little wakeup call to set some goals and follow through with them before the end of the year.

I asked you to set one to three goals and DO them.

How are you doing on your list?

I also set a few goals for myself and while being able to check one off the list (Finish a 5k run with no Achilles pain)-woohoo!- this past month has introduced a new set of goals that will need to step into the forefront.

Will they be challenging? Yes.

Will they help me grow personally & professionally? Yes.

Will they force me to step out of my comfort zone? I can say most definitely, yes.

That’s the thing about goals…they can change whether tweaked by you the list-maker or by outside means. Through the years I have learned the best way to allow yourself success when setting goals is to be flexible.

Allowing change to happen is okay.

Will I meet all of these goals?

Yes. Because I know I Can.

I believe in myself.

Have you learned to do the same?

Join us next Monday, the 17th for our monthly link up and prompt: I can.




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