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When starting this post I wasn’t sure if I would go the route of quiet encourager or in-your-face motivator.

I’m going with the latter.

Sometimes, one needs the no-holds-barred push to call you out on the never-ending list of excuses. Sometimes the honest shouts of inspiration are needed to penetrate selective hearing. I’m here today to say:


It’s time to stop talking about your goals and DO them.

Because I *know* you can.

And deep down, you know it too.

See, I get it. I really do. For years I listened to those around me tell me I can’t do something. For instance, sports: Why try? You will be last. In fact some would point out in some races I was last (as if that wasn’t already clear). You’re not fast enough, not strong enough, blah blah blah.

What they started was a long time of self-doubt. When things got hard I would hear the negative creep in and I believed the “I can’t do this.”

Until, one day, someone believed in me. They told me “you can do this.” They also said to quit making excuses. Set a goal and go for it. They also got in my face and told me, “So what if you’re last? You got out there. You finished. Did the person trying to bring you down get out there? No. Why are you letting them pass judgement on your accomplishment?!”


It was the day “I can” entered my mindset. It was the day that “I can” became a louder voice than “I can’t.”

Do I still struggle with it? Some days, yes. But “I can” is always the victor in the end.

I’m here to tell you – go for it.

No more excuses.

Set three goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the year.

Want to be more active? Then do it. Afraid the neighbors will see you walking around the block? Get over it. You are pursuing a healthier you…that is what matters.

Because today:

You can.

Say it. Believe it.

Because I believe in you.

What are your three goals? Let’s follow up in December to see your status!




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Living, doing, and growing, Elena is a freelance writer and chaser of dreams trying to make every moment matter. Follow her adventures at LiveDoGrow. You can also find her on @ElenaSonnino on Twitter.

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