How has your Fall been?  Ours has been busy with a capital B.  Crazy with a capital C.  Exhausting with a capital E.

Am I painting the right picture?

But I also feel Thankful with a capital T for not being impacted by Sandy like some of my blogging friends have been.  My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

For me, Being Enough this Fall has been a matter of staying awake in the car, barking out “do your homework!” orders, avoiding the phone because of all of the political calls, and wondering when time started flying by so quickly.

But there’s light now.

Shockingly, surprisingly, the first two weeks of November bring a chance to breathe in and breathe out.   Enjoy each other.  Have somewhat of a break in our schedule.

Down time before the holidays

I’ll bet this guy would like a break on November 22nd!

photo credit

And don’t we all need something like that before the Holiday Rush begins?  Thanksgiving is two weeks from TODAY, people!

So what are we going to do with our time?

Catch up on a little bit of sleep.

Allow my kids to have a playdate or two (though – shudder – playdates aren’t my favorite kid-tivity).

Have our monthly family game night.

Celebrate the end of volleyball season with a pizza party.

Have a few dates with my man.

Get into my pajamas at 7pm some nights.

Catch up on a couple of books on my nightstand.

All emotional tank-fillers.  Things that will help us connect and recharge before the whirlwind begins.

The travel, the shopping, the eating, the wrapping, the partying, the seasonal must-dos.

All things that we enjoy, but will create the same whirlwind we just left.

Being enough can be so many things to so many people.  From November 1 to November 20th, being enough for us will mean peace and quiet.





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Missy Bedell blogs at Literal Mom where she encourages all parents to be thinking parents. She uses wit, humor and sometimes even tears to share her message. But above all that, there is hope, for our next generation. You can also find her on Twitter at @LiteralMom.

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