With a new year came new goals. New dreams. New ways of thinking. The Just.Be.Enough. team set off, each with our own three words guiding us to achieve our goals with renewed focus and intent.

The question is…one month into 2013, what progress have we made?

Setting goals means being accountable. Because without accountability, our goals flutter in the wind while no one is watching. Instead of getting frustrated or discouraged, monitoring our progress takes the overwhelming feat of achieving our goals and breaks it down into more manageable chunks. Chunks that we can consider and react to. Chunks that allow us to see that progress happens over time.

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How to stay accountable for your goals

There are three steps to staying accountable when setting goals.

1. Celebrate success.

Focusing on what went well, especially when trying to achieve long-term goals, is what keeps us going. Knowing that progress has been made — even if the progress can only be measured in baby steps — provides motivation to remember that tomorrow is a new day and new chance to make more progress.

2. Reflect on what could be improved.

The truth is that sometimes achieving our goals is hard. Maybe there are struggles or obstacles we did not envision. Road blocks, challenges, and distractions are a reality when trying to achieve any goal. The question is, what will we do about it? It is not a question of giving up but a matter of getting creative and brainstorming new ways, new strategies, new ways to overcome the challenges.

3. Make it count.

Each new day is a new chance to focus on our three words and to get that much closer to making the progress we dream of. But we have to do more than just show up. We need to do more than just talk the talk. Putting in the effort, knowing that some days will be better than others, is what will make the difference and help us climb over the mountain to realize our dream.

However you set your goals, through words or visuals, on paper or in your head, setting goals that are realistic and concrete takes work.

Whether you chose one word or three, join us each month to check in with each other to stay accountable for our goals and our words. Accountability starts with being honest with ourselves, accepting our journey as enough, and pushing each other just enough past our comfort zone to achieve our dreams. Sometimes we will need new tools and stories that will inspire us when we lack inspiration. Sometimes we will want to sing from the roof tops to celebrate. It all starts with accountability.

The link-up will be open for one week. If you have not chosen three words (or one) or have not set new goals it is not too late. If you are not ready to share your progress this month, that is ok. We will be here next month, and the month after that, and every month this year. The journey will look different for each one of us…as long as we take it.

Are you ready to be accountable for your goals?




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