If you’ve been reading Just.Be.Enough posts for a little while, you might remember when I wrote about our basketball season last winter. How excruciatingly painful it was for the entire family, but mostly for our oldest daughter, who joined mainly to be with her friends.

This summer, she participated in another sport to be with her friends. A sport I’d been encouraging her to try for three summers, to no avail.


The Right Sport | Just.Be.Enough.

Swim team is perfect for an introspective girl and her family.

And my oh my, did swimming make a positive difference for her personality. Much more so than basketball.

After the first “practice meet” where she banged her head coming into the wall doing backstroke (and had an “I’m never going to swim again” moment), she took to swimming (forgive me) like a fish to water.

From day one to last week’s final practice, her improvement was exponential. The coach came up to me on the last day to talk to me.

I was nervous. In the past when coaches come to talk to me, it’s been in the tone of “maybe this sport isn’t for her.”

Instead the coach said, “I am so pleased with her progress this summer. She has made amazing strides from when she started through today. I am so, so proud of her.”

The coach. Said that about my girl up there.

And to be clear: She never won a race. She actually came in last or in the bottom three on every race, unless she was in a relay and carried by the other team members.

But you know what? That doesn’t matter. She can celebrate a victory over every child who won ribbons this season. She gained confidence in sports. She tried harder than I’ve ever seen her try. She WAS amazing.

Ours was a happy family supporting her in this endeavor. And her sister can’t wait to join the swim team next year when she’s old enough. Watching her older sister’s try-hard attitude convinced her.

And one more thing? A great coach truly can make all the difference in the world.



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