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Keeping My Dreams in the Light

My daughter was 22 months old when I left my classroom for Christmas break and never returned. Writing was merely a hobby when I left the

Let Minted Inspire You

This is a sponsored post from Minted. Minted credit was provided as compensation for our time, and the prize was provided for the giveaway. All opinions

Away From the World

I’ve moved into a retirement community. Not permanently — not yet, at least — but my mom, my kids and I are visiting my spectacular grandmother,

Training for a Run, One Step at a Time

It surprises me every morning. My alarm begins ringing, and I fumble for the phone thinking someone is calling before I remember my scheduled workout. I

Be Enough Me: The Freelance Dance

At the beginning of 2012, I made a conscious decision to get serious about writing as a career. I knew I needed to be careful about

Be Enough ME: Chasing My Dreams

Thanksgiving morning was beautiful here, sunny and hovering around sixty degrees. With my dinner requirements under control — mashed potatoes filled with garlic and buttery goodness

Be Enough Family: Reducing the Chaos

One birthday, many moons ago, my mother followed me into the Franklin Covey store and said “Happy Birthday” with an organizational system and a furrowed brow.

Be Enough Women: The Return Pile

The bag is familiar and not just because this particular one has rested against my mirror for far too long. The creamy, neutral stripes and pink

Be Enough Family - Two Cities Away

One summer, with student loans, part time jobs, and willing friends, my husband lived in a San Diego suburb for a few glorious months. They could

So much of Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly focuses on vulnerability and the ways we can move past shame to forge deeper connections with the people around

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