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Be Enough Me: I Can

Many of us have woken up each morning since Friday hoping to find out that the events at Sandy Hook School in Newtown Connecticut were all

Are You Ready to Say I Can

We plan. We hope. We dream. But when was the last time you said “I can” and actually believed it? This month, JustBeEnough is inviting to

  When I wrote last month about believing in you that You Can, I really meant it. I wanted to give you a little wakeup call

Be Enough ME: Chasing My Dreams

Thanksgiving morning was beautiful here, sunny and hovering around sixty degrees. With my dinner requirements under control — mashed potatoes filled with garlic and buttery goodness

Be Enough Me: A Kind of Holiday

I’m sitting on the couch in a dark room, smiling at my Christmas lights. Last week, I was dreading the thought of opening the boxes of

Be Enough Me: Being Thankful

Thankful. Saying thank you. Gratitude. Whether you are thankful for something personal, professional, an accomplishment, or a sense of self; appreciating what we have to celebrate

Be Enough Me: You Can

When starting this post I wasn’t sure if I would go the route of quiet encourager or in-your-face motivator. I’m going with the latter. Sometimes, one

Coffee, Tea...or Water?

I gave up almost all caffeine one year ago this week. I did a detox where one of the requirements was no caffeine or alcohol. Friends

Be Enough Me: The Friendship Algorithm

Early this year, when we had lived here only two or three months, I was out walking with my sister-in-law. She had moved here a couple

Google + circles. Facebook friends. Twitter followers. We have so many places to cultivate friendships and relationships.  Lots of ways to share what is happening in

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