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Be Enough Me: The Freelance Dance

At the beginning of 2012, I made a conscious decision to get serious about writing as a career. I knew I needed to be careful about

Be Enough Women:Three Gifts

It is that time of year again, one of wonder, magic and faith. For me it has been a trying year, one where I found myself

Be Enough Women: The Postpartum Pudge

You know all that empowering stuff about how we should love our postpartum bodies because we grew a person and gave our children life and all

Be Enough Women: Trying to Be Thankful

I like to think that I am truly grateful for the things in my life. I believe that most times I am the kind of person

Be Enough Women: The Return Pile

The bag is familiar and not just because this particular one has rested against my mirror for far too long. The creamy, neutral stripes and pink

Be Enough Women: Facing Your Fears While Hiding Them From Kids

We are currently prepping for Hurricane Sandy. If we are to believe the news, this is a storm of epic proportions and we are to batten

Kim Kardashian is Enough for Her and I Am Enough for Me

Being enough and Kim Kardashian? Indeed…the beauty of guest posts is that we have the chance to think with new perspectives and meet new voices. This

 The King and Queen Challenge

I can’t straighten my arms today. And I haven’t been able to for over 24 hours. The pain is excruciating, and I think I may just

The unforgettable “marketainer” Miss Lori, recently presented a keynote address to the attendees of the Blogalicious conference. Miss Lori’s message of self-empowerment and inner focus resonated

Me time. We hear about the importance of me time everywhere, even here. There is no doubt that me time is important, crucial even, to maintaining

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