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Keeping My Dreams in the Light

My daughter was 22 months old when I left my classroom for Christmas break and never returned. Writing was merely a hobby when I left the

What is Focus?

One of the words I chose for the year 2013 was Focus. It may appear to an outsider that I already am focused, as I’m pretty

What Do I Want?

A few months ago, on the spur of the moment, I bought tickets to a small concert for my husband and I to attend one cold

The Working-Mom Dance

I know the working mom dance. Meetings and clients and deadlines and emails mixing with drop-offs and pick-ups and packed lunches and play dates in a

Be Enough Me: The Freelance Dance

At the beginning of 2012, I made a conscious decision to get serious about writing as a career. I knew I needed to be careful about

Let Good Enough Really Be Enough

One of the things that makes me feel enough is knowing there are others out there feeling and experiencing the same doubt, anxiety, or insecurities as

Me time. We hear about the importance of me time everywhere, even here. There is no doubt that me time is important, crucial even, to maintaining

My youngest child started school a few weeks ago. He’s been in preschool for years but this time it’s the real deal and I am alone

Be Enough Women: When Reflection Backfires

Smoke from blown-out candles floated on the air; the promises of my birthday echoed in my mind. I settled into my chair, my notebook in hand,

The world of direct sales gets a bad rap. There are jokes made at its expense on television shows and women turn up their noses at

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