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Be Enough Women: The Ticking of a Clock

Shhhhh, can you hear that? Listen closely. There it is. Hear it? ” Erica Marshall of “ No? Don’t worry, I don’t hear anything either. You know

Hard Things. For every person that list is full of things that include everything from surviving a childhood trauma to the simple act of saying no

Just another mailing tube in a box full of mailing tubes – that’s what my master’s degree looks like today. I was digging through the basement

  The end of another school year is here. This particular end marks not just the end of my educational career, but also the end of

It’s the eve of a family vacation. A vacation we’re taking both of the kids out of school for. See, each child has already had a

Tuesday I volunteered in my daughter’s preschool classroom, three and just-turned-four year olds painting watercolor storms and building a man out of curved and straight wooden

I caught him standing at the front door, looking out at the front yard with his little palms pressed against the cool glass. His breath like

Would it be brazen to say that I don’t have regrets? I think back on my past and know that, surely, there must be something I

It started slowly. Little things that on their own were nothing. Transitioning from four years in a Montessori classroom into a first grade class in our

I have a friend who has two boys, ages 3 1/2 and nearly 2. Her first son has been attending preschool since he was 2 1/2

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