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The relationship hasn’t endured harsh words or movie-worthy confrontations. The hurt feelings reside in heavy silences and unmet eyes, invitations not issued and gestures not made.

Be Enough Family: When Loss Defines Who Family Is

Family dynamics are odd. I grew up thinking that I had a very typical, North American family – two parents, three siblings, a dog and a

“Family is the love you’re given. Friendship is the love you choose.” –Anon. On Thursdays we discuss our families here at Just.Be.Enough. We write about the

Another Friday. Another voice. Every single week I stand in awe of the voices that we share. This week is no different. I am excited to

I lie about my age. All the time. I’m not sure when it started…maybe when all my dreams didn’t come true and I realized I am

New Kid on the Block

We had a massive toddler meltdown the other night. It was our last visit with our best family friends – three families we’ve known since Connor

In high school I once told someone that I would have been disowned by my family had I not been interested in and good with foreign

Some very good family friends of mine start all their holiday meals with a tradition they call “Thankful for.” Each person at the table shares one

Thanksgiving is one week away, but today our Friday guest reminds us of the memories that can be created during this special holiday. Bringing us this

My grandparents were married for 50 years. And yet the memory of their marriage was what finally convinced me in 2007 to leave my ex-husband. It

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