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The Graveyard of Fitness Accountability

If you were to visit my house and peek inside my medicine cabinet, you’d see a calendar pasted there. Two printed pages, dated March and April

Lessons Learned While Running the Princess Half Marathon

26,000 voices of aspiring princesses (and an occasional prince) sang in unison to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” prior to the blast of fireworks that lit up the 5:30

Training for a Run, One Step at a Time

It surprises me every morning. My alarm begins ringing, and I fumble for the phone thinking someone is calling before I remember my scheduled workout. I

Be Enough Women: The Postpartum Pudge

You know all that empowering stuff about how we should love our postpartum bodies because we grew a person and gave our children life and all

 The King and Queen Challenge

I can’t straighten my arms today. And I haven’t been able to for over 24 hours. The pain is excruciating, and I think I may just

I woke up a couple months ago knowing that my exercise routine was not enough. It was time to hire a personal trainer to help find

Be Enough Women: A Different Kind of Fitness Revolution

Recently I read a post from Sandra at Absolutely Narcissism. It’s about starting a new revolution about fitness. It spoke to me deeply and I wanted

Inspired by Athletes

In the summer of 1994 my hometown hosted the Commonwealth Games. I really got into it – I went to some of the events and some

The slap of my feet against pavement, the strains of my favorite songs in my ear buds, the stress of my day…all those are powerful motivators

Summer is bathing suit season. It is a time that brings on insecurities in many women. For me, wearing a swimsuit this summer was not just

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