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Be Enough Me: The Freelance Dance

At the beginning of 2012, I made a conscious decision to get serious about writing as a career. I knew I needed to be careful about

Be Enough Women:Three Gifts

It is that time of year again, one of wonder, magic and faith. For me it has been a trying year, one where I found myself

Be Enough Me: Being Thankful

Thankful. Saying thank you. Gratitude. Whether you are thankful for something personal, professional, an accomplishment, or a sense of self; appreciating what we have to celebrate

Be Enough Women: Trying to Be Thankful

I like to think that I am truly grateful for the things in my life. I believe that most times I am the kind of person

November is here and with it comes a season that is focused on being thankful and on giving. This month, JustBeEnough is going to be very

Be Enough Family: A Less-Than Mom of Two

There’s a little voice, very quiet and way in the back of my head, that’s telling me I’m not as good as other moms with two

I didn't write for the mentor post for Be Enough Me Monday, mostly because I have had so many mentors in my life that every time

The world of direct sales gets a bad rap. There are jokes made at its expense on television shows and women turn up their noses at

About two months ago something in my life changed. Instead of falling asleep at 8 pm or having little to no energy I found myself feeling

Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest     Many times, being enough means that I have to be happy and productive in the place I am. Understanding that

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