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No Is A Complete Sentence

I have a hard time saying no. It started when I was young. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be a part of the

Internal Tug-of-War

I am living my own rendition of the terrible movie “Groundhog’s Day.” I apologize if that was one of your favorites, but I for one wanted

Letting Go to Hold On

I did it again.  I went and overcommitted myself.  I swear, I don’t mean to do that.  I don’t consider myself a “yes man” or anything

On the Seesaw

I balanced the children on either side of the seesaw and told them not to move. I just wanted that one picture. As I got all

Be Enough Family: Reducing the Chaos

One birthday, many moons ago, my mother followed me into the Franklin Covey store and said “Happy Birthday” with an organizational system and a furrowed brow.

This school year was supposed to be my year to turn to me. It was supposed to be the year where I finally, blessedly, finished a

Wordless Wednesday: Hanging on to Summer

  In a few days it will be the unofficial end of my favorite season of the year. I can feel the tug, pull, slip of summer

My newly two year old son is screaming around his pacifier, standing behind his closed door. He pounds on it with fists that are each holding

  I was small when I first read “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S Lewis. From the beginning it mesmerized and charmed me.

Be Enough Me: What is Your Why?

I had a bad week last week. After 10 days of vacation I went back to work, which for most people isn’t something to rejoice about.

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