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Why Persistence is More Important Than Ever

Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of Literal Mom. Congratulations to me, right? The problem is, I don’t feel in the “congratulatory mood.” I’m watching bloggers

Is One Starfish Enough?

I’m always enthused about the changes that come with the new school year, and then the new calendar year. This year, the new school year was

Be Enough Family: A Different Kind of Advent

Advent (n.) – The coming or arrival, especially of something important.  The liturgical period preceding Christmas.  ( I didn’t grow up Catholic. I converted in the

Be Enough Family: Doing Thanksgiving Our Way

Sometimes being enough for yourself means you have to be not enough for others. Our family (as in me, husband, kids) travel for Thanksgiving to (gasp!)

Be Enough Family: Slowing Down Before the Holiday Rush

How has your Fall been?  Ours has been busy with a capital B.  Crazy with a capital C.  Exhausting with a capital E. Am I painting

Coffee, Tea...or Water?

I gave up almost all caffeine one year ago this week. I did a detox where one of the requirements was no caffeine or alcohol. Friends

 The King and Queen Challenge

I can’t straighten my arms today. And I haven’t been able to for over 24 hours. The pain is excruciating, and I think I may just

Be Enough Family: Hygiene Habits with Girls

It’s true confession time (again). The Catholic Church tells me confession is good for the soul. But some subjects aren’t really “confessional worthy,” so bringing them here,

When you live in a college town, life can be extreme. The fans. The banter. The hypotheticals. The absolute assumption that everyone eats, sleeps and breathes

This school year was supposed to be my year to turn to me. It was supposed to be the year where I finally, blessedly, finished a

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