November is here and with it comes a season that is focused on being thankful and on giving. This month, JustBeEnough is going to be very specific on reasons to be thankful and on ways to give. Because in many respects the ideas of thanks and giving are interdependent. Thanks and giving are really about empowerment – empowering others to be able to “do.”

To kick things off this month we are going to highlight two ways that you can get in on the thanks and giving action.

Maiden Nation

The first is a site, an idea, a concept that is built solely on the idea of empowering women. Maiden Nationlaunched yesterday with a mission to “empower women through ethical fashion.” Spearheaded by entrepreneur and philanthropist (and friend) Willa Shalit, Maiden Nation creates a global nation that empowers women artists and entrepreneurs. There are collections of work from all corners of the globe, and should you choose to buy pieces, you will know exactly what the money will be going towards. For example, if you buy a GLAMOUR Kiss Bracelet by Chan Lu, $6 will be donated to Sean Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization to support community development in Haiti.  Getting involved is easy. The site says it best: “Maiden designers showcase their work, Maiden activists share their causes, and Maiden citizens connect over their ideas and goals. And soon, Maiden Nation will connect you to investors and empower you as a female entrepreneur.”


Giving Tuesday

The second is an initiative that just makes sense on so many levels. During November, we have a day for being thankful and a day for shopping (two actually!). #GivingTuesday is creating an opening day…for a concrete and sustainable season of giving. GivingTuesday is about being intentional about giving. As individuals, families, companies, or groups, there is so much we can do to build capacity in others.  There are so many ways to give: with time, with resources…anyone and everyone can do something.GivingTuesday was the brainchild of the folks at 92Y  and is supported by  the UN Foundation, but so many other organizations have signed on as partners with ideas and resources about how to get involved in the act of giving.

If you are looking for ways to give back and to get your family involved, check out the resources at #GivingTuesday, buy something for your child’s teacher at Maiden Nation, or explore five ways to build capacity in women and children.  But do it…don’t let this November pass without actively taking a part in thanks and giving.




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