I feel like I have a lot of families – “villages,” if you will.

I’ve talked before about my how my biological relations, my best friends, and even my amazing step-dad make up the part of my world that I call “My Family.”

Importance of a Work Family | Just.Be.Enough

But there are also the people who have welcomed me and accepted me into their midst for 13 years now.

My workplace family.

My step-dad is part of  my work family and I also met and married John here. So this place is an integral part of my past, present and future.

Like many people who work outside the home, I end up spending more time within the hallways of my corporate building than I do inside the four walls I call home. With that in mind, I have come to depend on the faces and hearts of those people whom I vent to, chat with and formed a bond with that resembles that of a family.

The people I work alongside have witnessed my engagement and danced at  my wedding, they listened to me as I cried and screamed my way through infertility, they rejoiced with me as we got news of my pregnancy and celebrated as we welcomed the twins. Even co-workers I only knew through a screen like this one overwhelmed me with their gracious gifts after the birth of my sons. They stood by me through bed rest and those scary few months of parenting. They were the reason I could come back to work and not fall apart.

Today, they listen to me ramble on about motherhood and blogging. They support me and my writing or they just hug me when I’m having a bad day. We meet in the cafeteria or the hall on the way to the ladies’ room and we discuss. We exchange stories and jokes. We spend far more than an acceptable amount of time chatting about mundane things but it’s done with the knowledge that sometimes the work can wait, that the relationships needs more attention at the moment.

Plus, whenever one of us is in crisis, we rally and root for each other. I can honestly tell you that I know that one of the reasons that our in vitro worked is because we had some many people supporting our efforts, whether it was with words of encouragement, ways to keep me smiling and less stressed or just good ole fashioned prayers. Our WORK FAMILY proved that you don’t have to share DNA with a person to be related and relatable.

When I feel alone or very small in this great big world, I remember that I have many tribes that love, care about and support me, one of them being the village of people that I spend the work day with.




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Kir is finally a wife after decades of dating, a mommy to twins after years of battling infertility and a writer after filling a mountain of notebooks with her stories. She gives a voice to infertility, fibromyalgia and celebrates other mommies while spinning yarns, eating cupcakes and buying high heels on her blog: The Kir Corner.com.

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