Shhhhh, can you hear that? Listen closely.

There it is. Hear it?

Ticking of a clock | Just.Be.Enough.

Hint: I might hear the ticking of the clock . . .

” Erica Marshall of “


Don’t worry, I don’t hear anything either. You know why?

Because today is the first day in 84 days that I’ve had the house to myself.

My second child has her first full day of school today, which means they’re both back in the classroom and out of the house.

How do I feel?







and alone.

I’m filled with a sense of loss, already wishing to have the care-free days of summer back.

I’m filled with a sense of hopeful anticipation for the children and the learning they’ll accomplish this year. I have the same hopeful anticipation for me and the personal growth I’ll go through this school year as well.

The thought of the routine being back in the house brings me joy.

But the thought of the school schedule, with all of its obligations, brings me sorrow.

Can you understand that? This seeming dichotomy I’m living in?

Will I get over it? Yes. And I’m sure soon enough I’ll wonder how I got anything done with them home all day with me.

Because my productivity’s going to skyrocket.

But for today, you know what’s going to be enough for me? A quiet cup of tea, a run without interruption, and maybe, just maybe, an afternoon nap before I pick them up. I think I’ve earned it.

Ahhhhhh, silence. It truly is golden.



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Missy Bedell blogs at Literal Mom where she encourages all parents to be thinking parents. She uses wit, humor and sometimes even tears to share her message. But above all that, there is hope, for our next generation. You can also find her on Twitter at @LiteralMom.

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