To the Stage | Just.Be.Enough.{photo courtesy of The Road Theatre}

This is the last time I was on the stage. More than four years, 20 pounds and two kids ago. This Sunday I will set foot on the boards for the first time since then, and I am terrified. Being on stage used to be like breathing. Stage fright? Not I, said the fly. But this is new, different, and scary.

On Sunday I’ll stand with 13 other women (including Elena, who rocks) on a bare stage, protected by a podium, exposed by a microphone and I will share my story of motherhood right along with them. Some sad, some hilarious, many tales of strength we never knew we had. Have I mentioned I am terrified?

What if I mess up? What if I panic? What if I have to pee?

Whatever happens it will be okay. I have sat in a living room with these women and listened to them tell their stories and I was profoundly moved. In a living room without a mic, without an audience. Women’s voices are so powerful, especially when we raise them together and so I know Listen To Your Mother will be a success. But still, I am terrified.



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