The unforgettable “marketainer” Miss Lori, recently presented a keynote address to the attendees of the Blogalicious conference. Miss Lori’s message of self-empowerment and inner focus resonated with attendees. Jessica McFadden, a blogger and longtime fan of Just.Be.Enough, whispered to JBE’s own Elena Sonnino, “Whoa, her messages remind me of the focus of your site…can I interview Lori for you?” Elena agreed, and Jessica caught Lori on the phone while in the middle of parenting errands for her three children.


Miss Lori | Just.Be.Enough.

Jessica McFadden (JM): What does the concept Just.Be.Enough mean to you?

Miss Lori (ML): The idea of being “beyond” is a favorite of mine. It reminds me of the adage I learned in theatre, to just “be in the moment.” I believe in accepting oneself in this moment, of letting go of all the “before” and living right now.

JM: As the beloved children’s performer, singer and television host Miss Lori, you are teaching children. And through your inspirational speaking engagements you are helping adults. Tell us about your call to serve.

ML:I have always been much better at helping others, reading people and their needs. But I have learned in the second half of my life, now that I’m post-40, that I was not always helping myself. I have sometimes used service to others as a way to hide and avoid.

But I love that in helping others, I help people find their best. However, I am also learning to turn my light on me, as well as my friends of all ages, and I believe that this helps create something greater.

JM: You are extremely honest about your own struggles, which I find inspiring. You seem the epitome of confidence and strength!

ML: People are surprised to learn that I am incredibly shy. In defense of my shyness, I go as big and bold as I can! And when I conquer that nervousness and make people SMILE, it makes me feel good.

When I speak to groups such as Blogalicious, I stand before them on a stage and relay my personal experiences, my struggle to look in the mirror, my pushing myself harder, forgiving myself for tripping. I hope that by doing it myself I can help others with really looking into their own souls and not letting other people dim their lights.

JM: How does social media help with your positive messages?

ML: Social media has allowed me and other women to find friends in a way that we never have before.

JM: What are your goals this fall season?

ML: I’m taking it day by day. First, I’m trying to every day be a better parent. To be as present as possible in my day. I’m working to have published my Little Miss Lori series, which are stories about a five-year-old girl who thinks she has super powers because she is told that by being adopted she is special. I’d love to blog every single day, as well as finish a second album, continuing my work with Miss Lori’s CAMPUS.

My over-arching goals are the overall health of children and their families, my work in service to other people, and my internal wok to be in service to myself. We are all so socialized to never put ourselves first, but we have to remind ourselves daily. It is not intuitive, but it is essential.


Learn more about Miss Lori and her many projects at her blog and Miss Lori’s CAMPUS.

Guest interviewer Jessica McFadden is an avid reader of Just.Be.Enough who writes about activities and resources for Washington, DC area families at A Parent in Silver Spring, and about her family, personal journey, and um, shopping, at A Parent in America.

Photography of Miss Lori by Greta Landis, used with permission, all rights reserved.


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