A vision board is one of those things that I keep hearing people talk about. Like a life list, vision boards are springing up as ways to turn nebulous goals, hopes, and what makes us “tick” into something concrete.  A vision board is basically where we turn our non visual dreams and goals into something…visual.

The idea is simple really. Visualizing what it is we want out of life–professionally or personally (or both!)

I have just begun a process to create my own vision board as part of a {fabulous} journey of discovery. A journey to take deep dive into my “why.”  The Path Finder self study journey, is a five week course, led by the inspirational (and incredibly brilliant) Karen Walrond. I heard Karen speak at Mom 2.0 earlier this year and was….well inspired would be an understatement. The Path Finder course involves daily journal writing, prompts to help you focus in on what fuels you, and tools and ideas to help you create a visual path for your goals and dreams, aka a vision board.

So I thought I would share some of the pictures that I have started to assemble as part of my vision board. Each image represents something that is a goal, some literally, some figuratively for my next steps.

Like the image of a runner at the bottom of a deep canyon, wondering how he will run his way out. Or maybe he is looking up to take in the grandness of what is in front of him.

Envisioning a Vision Board | Just.Be.Enough.

From Runners World

Or the woman overlooking a great expanse of water below her, reflecting on life. Or possibly a woman making travel or time for pampering a priority for once in her life. Or maybe just a woman enjoying the dolce vita.

Envisioning a Vision Board | Just.Be.Enough.

Or a woman trying to have it all. A woman trying to balance to do lists with her desire to become successful.  Or a woman that feels confident and strong, no matter what she is tackling.

Envisioning a Vision Board | Just.Be.Enough.

The beginning of a vision board…my vision board.  My concrete representation of my hopes and dreams.

What about you? What type of images would you include in your vision board?



ps: I was incredibly short sighted as I clipped the magazine pictures out of the magazines that had piled up on my shelves. I did not note where each picture came from, because the truth is that I had never thought to share this process.  So I cannot provide full attribution for the pictures.  The images come from magazines like Runners World, Travel & Leisure, and Self….and for now, that will have to be enough.


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