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Source: ciaomom.com via Elena on Pinterest


The image above is one Elena pinned on JBE’s “Imagine with images” Pinterest board. I had seen it and liked it — I like the wording and the font and the general message — but didn’t think much of it other than that. Then I was pinning some stuff myself and noticed something different.

Wonder Woman has some pretty hefty thighs in that image.

Does she always? I wondered. I looked up another one.

Cartoon image of Wonder Woman

Not exactly supermodel skinny.

(Of course, if you look at Lynda Carter in her Wonder Woman days her thighs are pretty slender, but that doesn’t really help my point so let’s ignore that, shall we?)

The thing is, when I initially looked at that first image, I didn’t notice her thighs. And when I did, I didn’t simply think, “Wow, look at those thighs” but paused to look at the whole picture because it wasn’t what my brain expected to see.

What I did see when I looked more closely was this: In these images, Wonder Woman is portrayed as muscular and powerful. Not skinny, but strong.

So no, it’s not about her thighs. It’s about the whole image. And the whole image is just fine the way it is.




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